LBNL Employee Clubs

Thanks for your continuing support! We're pleased to provide access to relevant insurance solutions that will help you maintain your support.

LBNL Employee Clubs Insurance Plans

Event Cancellation

Have you considered what would happen if you had to cancel your event—because of a fire,  airline strike, flood, hurricane or some other reason outside your control?  Event Cancellation insurance helps protect against this risk.

Event Liability

The University of California provides General Liability and Event Liability coverage for LBNL Employee Clubs Events. General/Event Liability Insurance provides coverage for certain liabilities arising from LBNL Employee Clubs events and related activities.

Prize Indemnity

Imagine the turnout and excitement when you offer a valuable prize at your event.  Just picture the sign..."Million Dollars for a Hole In One!"You'll be amazed at how little it costs to obtain insurance for this type of event through a Prize Indemnity plan.